Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wild About Aimee Wilder

Aimee Wilder Fabric Design Analognights

Aimee Wilder has a unique design style that is influenced by her passion for graphic design and the patterns found in logo design, typography, textiles, urban toy design and rock poster art.

Surya rugs commissioned Aimee Wilder to offer her design expertise on a collection of rugs that showcase her knack for stylish design and bold statements. We have included Aimee's Surya rug design in a previous post, we think that she deserves to be singled out for her contribution to the entire collection.

Her pop floral design takes the simple outline of a flower, adds the whimsical details of the exposure inside the open petals and keeps it simple with only two color tones. The floral pop rug is available in the three different two-toned color combinations. Each of the pop floral rugs are hand tufted, 100% New Zealand wool with hand carved details.

Pop Floral Collection in Black, Raspberry and Citirine

Using the same two-tone color combination with the loops design, Aimee Wilder created a stylishly contemporary rug that can transform any room from drab to fab with a simple, yet clever design. The loops series of rugs are also available in three different two-toned color combinations of the same hand tufted quality as the floral pop rugs.

Loops Collection in Emerald, Pewter and Papyrus

The only Aimee Wilder rug with more than a two-color combination incorporates her take on a chevron design in which the lines are representative of traditional scrolling. The result is a whimsical contemporary style reminiscent of a long standing rug tradition. This design is available in the yellow four-color combination or the vermillion three-color combination.

Yellow and Vermillion Rugs

All Aimee Wilder rugs for Surya are available in the rectangle shape of varying sizes. Enjoy 15% of these clever designs while it lasts.

Dive into Aimee WIlder's imagination by exploring more of her designs for wallpaper, fabrics, baby items, clothing and pillows. If you still want more Aimee, you can also step out in style with a pair of Aimee Wilder Vans.

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