Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shabby Chic Style Rugs

Cozy Cottage Decor

Cottage decor. The style of combining the familiar, the well worn and the unique into a maze of eclectic coziness. One might argue that the shabby chic style of decor evolved from cottage decor. Whether your furnishings are aged by use or were made to look that way, the result is comfortable cottage feel that can easily be accompanied by a diverse mix of traditional and contemporary.

In a more traditional vein, the family cottage was typically not "decorated," rather furnished with a combination of older furniture that was handed down from the family home or used furniture that was purchased for a low cost. Therefore, the appearance of the "shabby chic" or cottage style decor is cozy, well-worn and inviting. There is nothing pristine, nothing seemingly new. The furniture begs to be nestled in and the rugs beg for bare feet to find a plush haven.

Whether your are searching for decor for your family cottage or decorating a room that emulates the cottage-feel, one thing is certain, you will need the right kind of rug to enhance the style.

From the rustic... the traditional, the shabby chic cottage style extends an invitation to coziness.

Because the shabby chic style evolved essentially from British cottage decor, rugs that will work well with the type of design often have a traditional influence, with a contemporary styling flair. The colors are usually more muted in shades of pastels and the design work on the rugs ranges from blooming florals to traditional mediterranean influenced scroll work.

We could go on and on with more description, but we would rather just to be visual. Here are some of our picks for a shabby chic or cottage style.


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