Friday, June 28, 2013

Decorating with Wallpaper

To paint or to paper? That is the question.

Wallpaper is back. No, not the avocado green and orange from the 1970s kitchen or the tiny little rosebuds that may have been in your grandmother's bedroom, rather wallpaper with clever graphics and contemporary color palettes that emulate the richness of a new era in interior design.

When considering whether you think wallpaper may be the best choice to decorate the walls in your room, the meshing of patterns with colors is a welcome challenge. With painted walls, you are coordinating within a color palette. With wallpapered walls, you are coordinating your interiors and accessories with a pattern and a color palette.

The versatility of wallpaper may have you thinking twice about whether to paint or to paper. There are wallpaper options that resemble faux finishes, murals, custom pait, flat colors, textured pait and even faux surfaces. This paper created by Dutch Designer Piet Hein Eek mimics repurposed wood panels assembled from scrap wood.

Scrapwood Wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

Coordinating solid painted walls with other interior decor may seem like an easier task than mixing patterns.  We went digging into the latest wallpaper trends to identify some designs that we found amazingly clever and adaptable.

Choosing rugs that match spectacular wallpaper was so fun, we almost couldn't stop ourselves long enough to get it in this post. The Dutch Onzelf line of wallpaper combines imagination with unique style. This particular choice has so many rug options, it was hard to only pick three.

Some wallpaper designers have designed lines of accessories with the same colors, patterns and shapes. In the case of Aimee Wilder, for example, who has designed fabrics and other other home accessories to correspond with her designs.

Aimee Wilder Wallpaper and Matching Rug from her Loops Collection

The artistic originality that a unique wallpaper will bring to a room may just far outlive a wall painted in  a solid flat color. Join in the fun.

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