Saturday, June 29, 2013

Haute Couture and Home Decor

Surya Natural Fiber Dominican Collection and Tommy Hillfiger Spring 2013

 Haute home decor? Floors that are just as fashionable as your closet?

Inspiration for design, whether it is for home decor, website graphics or fashion is often a reflection of the mind of the artists and their interests. When design intersects so congruently, it's hard to believe that the inspiration wasn't from the same source.

We were so impressed by the similarities in rug design with the top designers of haute couture that our floors might as well have been a Parisian runway. The colors and the patterns are unmistakably inspired by like minds.

Oscar de la Renta for Spring 2013 and the Surya Fallon Collection. There is nothing classier than black and white, even in a Chevronesque configuration.

Chevron prints are just beautifully simple. This piece from the Missioni collection and the Chevron Leaves rug from the Safavieh Martha Stewart Collection mimic each other in the most stylish sense. Each designer has taken the chevron pattern and made it their own.

Christian Dior Summer 2013 haute couture is an expression of the beauty in nature. The Savaieh Blossom collection expresses itself in much the same way.

For more haute couture vs home decor match-ups, follow our Pinterest board.

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