Sunday, June 30, 2013

Jaipur Grant Design Rug Collection

Downstream design by Grant for Jaipur

Grant Design Collaborative rugs from Jaipur might just be the bright addition that your floors have been craving.

Grant Design Collaborative located in Atlanta has created a collection of indoor and outdoor rugs for Jaipur. The company specializes in lending their expertise to developing and enhancing branding and products for a variety of companies. For Jaipur rugs, Grant Design created large scale graphics in a range of contemporary styles with a color palette to brighten any landscape.

Inspired by nature against a backdrop of bold colors, the Grant Design rugs are perfect for a brightness inside or outside the home. With the durable hand-hooked polypropylene construction, these rugs can hold up to the elements on your patio or the foot traffic in your living area. The beauty of the Grant designs is more than skin deep, as they will hold up to traffic and to evolving style.

Entitled "bough out" for its resemblance to a tree, you can choose from the natural beige and brown or the bold and beautiful orange and gray. We think this design also resembles branches of coral, and so would be a perfect addition to your beach house. Not only does the durable construction hold up to sandy feet, the design is perfect for an ocean setting.

Jaipur Grant Design Collection Bough Out in Orange and Brown

The beauty of a geometric patterned rug is in its simplicity and familiarity. Sometimes the simplest of shapes make the most perfect designs. The Grant design discus and the tread rugs are contemporary and simple with a geometric pattern that will always be in style.

Discus Rug and Tread Rug of the Jaipur Grant Design Collection

Isn't this the perfect pair?

Au Pair Rug by Grant Design for Jaipur

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