Monday, June 3, 2013

Preparing a Rug for a Move

Packing for a big move? Make sure that your rugs are packed and moved properly to ensure a that they are projected and arrive safely in your new home.

Follow this step by step guide to make sure that your rugs are packed and moved properly with no damage.

1. CLEAN - Thoroughly clean and vacuum your rug before packing it for a move or for storage. The rug must be clean and dry first before proceeding.

2. ROLL - Roll the rug, pile in, as tightly as possible, or, as we like to say: the soft side goes in and the rough side goes out. This process protects the pile of the rug.

3. TIGHT AND EVEN - With each roll, pull tightly and make sure that you are evenly rolling each side. When you are finished rolling, run your hand over the edge to ensure that the ends of the rug are flush. If they are not, unroll the rug to the point where the ends are uneven, and begin re-rolling the rug. Ensuring tightness and evenness with the roll prevents creasing and damage to the rug.

4. SECURE THE ROLLED RUG - Once the rug is properly, tightly and evenly rolled, use clear packing tape to fasten around the rug. Put a strip of tape at each end and in the center (possibly two places in the center, depending on the rug size). You can also tie string or use zip ties around certain points, if you would rather not use tape. Clear shrink wrap also works well, particularly if you can shrink wrap the entire rug. Shrink wrapping does provide some extra protection that tape does not provide.

Alternatively, DO NOT use ultra stick electricians or duct tape, as these tapes will leave a glue residue and ruin your rug.

5. PACKAGING - Place the rolled rug in thick plastic packaging. Ensure that the packaging is thick enough to protect the rug and keep moisture out. It is always a good idea to keep the packaging in which the rug was shipped. However, if this packaging is not available, you can purchase more of the same, thick plastic, or a rug packaging from a moving supply company. Order the correct length for your rug to fit completely. Tape each end of the packaging securely, to keep the rug safe inside and moisture and dirt out.

Packaged Rug

6. LABELING - Label the package depending on the room in which it will be placed in the new home.

7. PRECAUTIONS - Make sure the rug is not stored on one end and that it is not dragged along the ground when moved. Also, ensure that no heavy objects are placed on top of the rug.

By following these careful steps, your rug will arrive undamaged so that you can enjoy it in your new space.

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