Wednesday, June 26, 2013

If This Was a Rug...

If this was a rug....we would stare at it all day and laugh at the possibilities. Copyrighted Image by Wallace West

From our Pinterest board entitled "If this was a rug....." We love exploring the endless possibilities for inspired designs.

We are fascinated by the inspiration behind design. It's one of the reasons we highlighted Surya rug designers Aimee Wilder and Angelo Surmelis and one of the reasons we created our Pinterest board If this was a rug. It's amazing to see how imagination evolves.

We are always looking, always dreaming and always connecting with the beauty of design. Here are a few of our favorites that we we think would make perfectly beautiful rugs. Are you listening Surya and Jaipur?

If this was a rug.... would cascade the length of your blue and green inspired living room toward huge, open French doors.

If this was a rug.... would have subtle muted tones and feel plush, delicate and soft under the feet.

If this was a rug.... would be a lovely coffee milk color, the kind that conjures up swirls of cream in rich, dark espresso, giving you a lift for the day.

If this was a rug.... would bring a  whole new meaning to shark week.

If this was a rug...

...oh, wait, it really is a a rug. The Brighton Collection by Loloi.

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