Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Rugs

Rotating rugs? Rugs that spin in the middle of the room while you scream to get off. No! We mean more like regularly changing your rugs for seasons and holidays for a new fresh look.

Of course, if you have a spinning rug ride in your living room, we won't hold that against you. Summer is, after all, the best time to visit a theme park.

With furniture that is a muted or neutral tone, you can consistently "redecorate" your spaces without spending a fortune. Furniture does not have to be replaced or repainted. Simply change out accessories, rugs, lamps, pillows, and even bedspreads to announce the fresh change.

We even asked interior designers about the whether or not a household should rotate rugs, the response was a resounding "YES!" It is a great way to redecorate without much effort and without breaking the bank, particularly if you have a place to store your rugs when not in use. If you are considering storing and rotating rugs, review these helpful tips.

Designers suggested going with rugs that might be a lighter, lower pile style in the summer to accentuate the coolness below your feet. Choose light cotton rugs, silk rugs, bamboo rugs or flat woven rugs. Of course, that is not to say that you can't have a wool or silk rug as part of your summer decor, just make sure that whatever type of rug fiber you choose will up to the foot traffic in the intended space.

Usher in your summer decor with a breezy and bright palette that conjures sunshine, coastal escapes and the carefree, lazy days of summer.

This summer we can't help but see blue of the ocean and the serenity of a clear blue summer sky in these home accents and accessories.

2. Moroccan Embroidered Pillows courtesy of Everything Turquoise
3. Trellis Aqua Pillow from Dwell Studio
4. Shoreline Wavy Coral Aqua Pillow courtesy of Designer Pillow Shop
5. Aqua and Citrine Balloon Vases from Viva Terra
6. Pacific Coast Blue Martini Lamp from Bed Bath and Beyond

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