Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rug Colors - Mustard Yellow and Gray Color Trend

Contemporary Living Room Rug Mustard
Although we may not think twice about infusing the latest seasonal color trends into our wardrobes, when it comes to home decorating, choosing colors inspired by new trends can become tricky. A color scheme is often attached to furniture, art, accessories and other rooms within the home. One trend we've latched onto is the gray and mustard yellow tones.

While we've seen these two colors infused into rug designs for some time, the most recent trend of mixing the two colors together makes for a delightful trend. Both colors are often used as backdrops against other more vibrant colors, however these two rather muted tones are being combined in a variety of hues enhancing the color trend.

As seen in this rug that is a part of the Aimee Wilder collection for Surya, the combination of pewter and a bright yellow make for a contemporary color styling that can be infused into a variety of color tones and interior decor.

Aimee Wilder Rug by Surya

While the gray is often used for a crispness or calmness in decor, yellow can be used for a lightness and brightness. The beauty of this color combination is the that both colors can be used to complement each other without overpowering the other. The brightness of the yellow is versatile enough to be infused into any variety of patterns and designs such as this floral design.

Contemporary Rug by Aimee Wilder

Have you found your interiors inspired by this color combination?

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