Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Great Rug Search - Getting Started

Safavieh Contemporary Soho Collection
With so many choices for style, color, size and shape, how do you know where to start shopping for a rug. Establishing size is an important factor, but what else do you need to know before you get started. Here's a list of tips to help guide you on the path to stunning floor decor.
1. Consider the Room
If the room already contains furniture, be sure to measure space to be covered by a rug. See our previous post for tips on figuring out the perfect rug size. The larger the space, the more ground you can cover. For a more intimate setting, choose a smaller rug and arrange the furniture in a cozy configuration.

2. Design and Color
This part of the process may seem overwhelming. The design and color of the rug define your style. If your furniture or room decor is full of patterns, a solid color or simple, understated pattern may work best. Narrow down the features of the room to 2 or 3 colors. Try to choose a rug that accentuates those colors, even if it is not a perfect match. For example, a room full of bold colors may be better accented by a rug that includes lighter hues of the same color palette.

3. Shape
For a bit of variety, go beyond rectangle. Consider a combination of rugs in different shapes. An oval rug, like a rectangular rug can elongate a room. A circular rug can add whimsy, particularly to a playroom, nursery, a child's room or a game room. Who wouldn't want a large round Jolly Roger rug as the centerpiece for their pirate themed playroom.

Surya Kids Playground Rug

4. High or Low Traffic
Will be rug be placed in a high or low traffic area? Do you have pets or children or is the rug placed in an entry? All of these aspects are important when making a rug decision. Wool rugs, for example, hold up very well to high traffic. Jute rugs are very soft, with beautiful natural coloring, however they should only be placed in low traffic areas.

5. Budget
The most significant rule of thumb is to buy the best rug that you can afford. If the design, color, material and size are perfect, it shouldn't be considered a splurge. In fact, you may want to save up for a higher quality rug such as wool or silk, as it will hold up better over time. Still unsure of your budget parameters? Use your room furniture as a guide. Search for a rug that costs as much as your sofa (or even slightly more).

6. Love the Rug
If you have doubts about the practicality of a rug design or shape, put those aside. While you need to consider the previous 5 tips, you need to love the rug. An area rug can often be the focal point of a room, similar to a piece of art. If you choose a rug that is practical, but not perfect, you may end up falling out of love with your room. Love the rug and it will go further to enhance your home.

7. Shopping
We have approached the rug shopping experience as if we were the customer. RugPal is designed to help you easily shop through a very large inventory without feeling bogged down or frustrated  You can sort choices by color, style, shape, material, price, brand or type. If you don't find exactly what you need, try broadening the search filters or conducting a general search by keyword.

Shopping by Category on RugPal

Most importantly, have fun. Choosing the perfect floor decor should be enjoyable rather than tedious. If you need more help geting started, please let us know.

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