Saturday, September 14, 2013

Linon Cowhide Collection

You don't need a hunting lodge to fit these animal rugs into your decor. Introducing the Linon Cowhide collection.

Animal skin rugs, not just for lodge decor, anymore. These rugs are adaptable, naturally stain-resistant, a great choice for high traffic areas or even a perfect fit in homes with little kiddos.

The natural color palette of a cowhide rug is neutral. Neutral rugs adapt to any color palette, so it is not a challenge to integrate the cow hide rugs into practically any color decor. Of course, even neutral decor can benefit from a touch of neutral with texture and dimension, particularly since neutrals on neutrals is a popular design trend this fall.

The Linon Cowhide collection lets the beauty of the rugs speak for themselves. It features high quality cowhides in a range of sizes from 32 to 50 square feet. The hides exemplify what comes naturally in brindles that range from very light to medium and dark brown.

Dark brindle cowhide rugs display deep browns with dimension and style. This rug can be used in dark decor or light decor and will settle its way into practically any style. The juxtaposition of textures from a cowhide rug to a velvet or silk sofa, for example, provides a wealth of contrast adding your own personality to your space.

Dark Brindle Rug from Linon Cowhide Collection

This dark brindled rug is right at home in a living area that features a very traditional style.

Image Courtesy of Hanging with the Hewitts

For a touch of the wild side, Linon has created this cowhide rug stenciled with zebra stripes, in both brown and black.

Linon Cowhide Collection Zebra Stencil in Brown and Black

With a little bit of pattern, this rug will become the focal point of the room. The zebra print rug, much like other animal print decor, adds an accent that transcends a variety of decor types.

Zebra rug in traditional decor

Zebra Rug in all white contemporary eclectic decor

From the very light muted gray brindle..

Light Brindle Linon Cowhide Rug the very dark, all black cowhide rug...

...the Linion cowhide rug collection is a display of uniqueness and versatility that is quite certainly defined by one word: stylish.


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