Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Color of Carafe

Image provided by Spot Coffee

If you are looking for that perfect shade of brown, that same shade of brown that appears in your morning cup, then say hello to Carafe.

Carafe Pantone
Think of the lovely light brown of your coffee after you swirl in the unsuspecting cream, that is carafe. It's not just brown, it's brown with a delightful creaminess that adds to its depth. One of the Pantone's Fall 2013 Fashion Color Report picks, Carafe is a defining color and a backdrop. Pour a carafe and soak in the richness of this color's diversity.

Momeni Tibet Collection

A perfect mate in a fall color combination, Carafe can easily blend with the fieriest of reds and oranges. 

Safaveieh Soho Collection

However you see Carafe, as a brown backdrop or as a neutral that blends into bolder decor, you may find yourself fascinated by its duality. This indoor/outdoor rug from the Surya Rain collection brings the Carafe outside just in time to enjoy the crisp fall air.

Surya Rain Collection in Coffee Bean
Take an graphic interpretation of natural forms, blend muted blues and oranges with neutrals against a Carafe backdrop and you get this unique piece from the Safavieh Modern Art Collection. It's a hand-tufted rug personifying the best of the fall color palette and falling leaf motif.

Carafe is also color that just comes naturally, even in the animal world. This cowhide rug from the Surya Duke collection is a unique handcrafted piece from Argentina.

Surya Duke Collection Animal Hide Rug

Layering a jute rug with an animal skin rug, provides a neutral backdrop for the darker brown by covering more surface area and creating dimension.

Animal Skin Rug layered with a Jute Rug
Mix a swirl of carafe into your decor and enjoy the richness.

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