Monday, September 30, 2013

b.b. begonia Rugs

After being included in a small feature for outdoor rugs for fall, we thought b.b. begonia deserved a proper introduction. We've added b.b. begonia rugs to our indoor/outdoor collections and we couldn't be more pleased.

The philosophy of b.b. begonia is quite simple and quite enlightening: use design and creativity as a tool to promote functionality and respect for the environment. It seems to be all in the name, as the company takes in cues from nature. New products are created to be both beautiful and practical. As witnessed in the brilliant collection of rugs, b.b. begonia makes a beautiful statement to enhance home decor by making the smallest possible impact on the environment. Problem solving on the stylish side. We love that!

Images courtesy of b.b. begonia

Each of the rugs in the indoor/outdoor collection from b.b. begonia incorporates contemporary designs with beautiful color palettes. All of the rugs are made from recycled polypropylene and are reversible. One side of the rug is typically more muted while the other side is vibrant. A tightly woven tubular yarn structure ensures that the rugs are durable and the recycled plastic content makes the rug easy to clean as it will not absorb stains.

The White Swan is a leaf motif in shades of green encompasses the nod to nature. A green company producing a beautifully green rug, in more ways that one.

White Swan from b.b. begonia
One of the things that we love about these rugs is that the price is reasonable and the rugs are lightweight. Lightweight rugs mean portability. You can easily take a b.b. begonia indoor/outdoor rug with you on a picnic, to other parts your yard, to the park, poolside or even to the beach.

Seagull from b.b. begonia
Each b.b.begonia rug is like getting two rugs for one, with a reversible side that follows the same color palette and is just as beautiful. The Alaska is no exception. Choose from large white flowers or large red flowers all in the same rug. 

Alaska by b.b. begonia
With a bit of contemporary....

Squares by b.b. begonia
...and a bit of floral...

Essence by b.b. begonia
...b.b. begonia is changing the face of indoor/outdoor design, one reversible rug at a time.

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