Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pantone Color Turbulence

Hold on for Turbulence.

The pantone Turbulence is a gray that doesn't hide in the background. It's a gray with a little bit of blue, a little bit of green and whole of lot of personality. This gray is certainly dependable, a mainstream standard. It also plays well with others, which may be why it was introduced as a part of the Fall 2013 Pantone Fashion Color Collection. It blends well with Carafe, Linden, Mykonos, and Koi.

Sketches provided by designers Tia Cibani and Kelly Wearstler

Although gray tones are not new to the home decor world, it's great to see a color like Turbulence make its way to the forefront. We found some perfect rugs that accentuate a color that seems intent on mixing things up.

The Linon Links collection takes shag rugs to another dimension, literally. Geometric patterns on the rug are created by a special method of hand tufting and hand carving, resulting in a dimensional effect. Although Linon simply calls this color gray, we definitely see the Turbulence.

Linon Links Collection in Gray

The Surya Essence collection combines various hues of gray to emphasize design and pattern. The traditional scroll pattern in the lighter gray matched with the even separation of the gray grid-like pattern. All of these characteristics combine make this rug a perfect fit into an eclectic decor that combines traditional, with contemporary, with very fashionable.

Surya Essence Collection in Gray and Light Gray

The Mohawk Fancy Trellis collection takes the common flower-like geometric pattern, similar to those seen in traditional floor tiles, combined with the the perfect Turbulence gray backdrop to make a transitional masterpiece. This gray and cream rug from Mohawk can be placed into various decor styles with a vastly different effect. Of course, that all depends on just how much you let this color stir things up.

Mohawk Fancy Trellis Rug Collection

We couldn't mention the evident diversity of this color and how well it plays with others without showing just how well it really plays with others. The popularity of the gray and yellow color trend quickly gained popularity because of the beautiful contrast between a bright and a neutral color. When combined with yellow, gray makes itself an integral part of showing off the best that both colors have to offer, which makes it much more inviting to adapt to your home.

This hand-tufted rug from the Safavieh Soho Collection takes the Turbulence and adds a layer of calm with the gentle flower pattern and the beauty of each color standing on their own by blending in.

Safavieh Soho Collection in Dark Gray

Don't lose sight of the beauty of neutrals on neutrals, one of this fall's hottest design trends. Combining various hues of neutrals with other neutrals gives you the power to focus on the unique aspects of what can bring your room together. This rug from the Surya Dazzle collection takes all that makes you feel comfortable with neutrals, adds a unique, repetitive circular design, and the result is a contemporary rug that is fashionably forward with a traditional level of neutrality. That's Turbulence, constantly shaking things up.

Surya Dazzle Rug Collection in charcoal and taupe

With all of its duality and neutrality, we think Turbulence may be our favorite fashionable Pantone color to date. Here's to shaking up your floor decor.

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