Friday, September 27, 2013

Surya Cosmopolitan Collection

Surya Cosmopolitan Collection Rug in White and Fern Green
Just a little taste of the Surya Cosmopolitan collection had us feeling so fashionable and, well, cosmopolitan.

The Surya Cosmopolitan collection is chic, simple, contemporary, eclectic, unique and full of personality. It is, indeed, all of these things. The variety of this collection is one of its unique qualities. From recognizable geometric patterns...

Surya Cosmopolitan Rug in Midnight Blue and Emerald Green animal stripes...

Animal Inspired in Sage and Chocolate re-creations of modern art, the possibilities are certainly varied. Add some bold colors (you may even notice some seasonal colors making an appearance, such as emerald green), and you have an irresistible rug collection that fits well into both the trendiest and traditional styles.

There's nothing more cosmopolitan than modern art. This sleek rug design incorporates a simple layout in a contemporary style. The hand tufted rug comes in the green and blue combination and in black and white. The hardest part may be deciding on which one goes best with your stylish decor.

Surya Cosmopolitan Collection

For a bit of the eclectic, this rug takes an updated spin on floral graphics and darkens the color palette. The result is a rug that offers a familiar motif while playing with a cooler range of colors. Floral rugs can often be bright and bold, while this one takes a muted, less traditional approach.

Surya Cosmopolitan Collection in Espresso

This rug follows the same lead with a bit bolder statement. The blue in this rug enhances a new hue: bright teal. Still creating an eclectic style with a familiar floral design, this rug is stylish by any standards.

Surya Cosmopolitan Collection in Teal

Oh, and herringbone, is not just for your favorite blazer anymore. We certainly love spotting the crossovers in haute couture and home decor.

Herringbone Rug in Brown

Come explore the unique variety that Surya has created in the Cosmopolitan Rug Collection. You don't have to be British to appreciate its true creativity.

Union Jack Rug in Charcoal Gray and Olive

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