Friday, September 6, 2013

Safavieh Tibetan Collection

Potala Palace in Tibet
With a modern take on an ancient tradition, the Tibetan Collection from Safavieh exhibits the expertise of ancient weaving methods for a contemporary home.

Earth tones reminiscent of the Tibetan and Himalyan landscape are an essential component of this collection. The simple geometric patterns and muted neutral tones are characteristic of each of the rugs in this collection.

This hand knotted wool rug conjures a bit of mid-century modern with the combination of simple geometric shapes in varying sizes. Circles encircling circles, rectangles paired with others of varying sizes and widths give this piece an artistic quality. The earth tones are a perfect representation of the colors of fall.

Multicolored Rug from the Safavieh Tibetan Collection

This rug exemplifies the traditional aspect behind this collection. With an overdyed appearance and the traditional scrollwork, it's possible to mistake this one for a true Tibetan antique.

From the Safavieh Tibetan Rug Collection

Ancient geometric patterns work so well in a rug. The repetitive nature of this pattern brings the comfort of consistency and familiarity with another ancient design, the Greek key. Natural earth tones and a traditional pattern make this rug a versatile fit for any type of decor from contemporary to traditional.

Brown Rug from the Tibetan Collection

Whether you see a cut glass window or an ancient mosaic, this rug is a well designed infusion of colors in colors and shapes in shapes. We couldn't help but think of the red of the monk's robes set against the natural landscape of the Himalayas.

Explore Safaveih's Tibetan collection for more examples of the inspiration found in nature, tradition and breathtaking places.

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