Friday, September 20, 2013

Tayse Rugs

Tayse Rugs Metro Collection in Brown, Yellow, Blue and Multi

Delve into Tayse rugs.

Located in Calhoun, Georgia, Tayse rugs manufactures and imports area rugs and shag rugs. The company was founded in 2005 as a family business and quickly became well known for its machine made rugs. With an ever-expanding infrastructure to support increased demand, Tayse ensures a quality rug at a reasonable price.

Tayse rugs incorporate a range of design styles, including a combination of popular color palettes and geometric patterns, to produce rugs that will beautifully accent any living space. The Tayse Metro collection exhibits a range of rugs for the contemporary home. From the chevron pattern to the honeycomb, the Metro collection is very fashion forward.

Tayse Metro Collection Chevron and Honeycomb

With Tayse rugs, the kiddos are not left out. The Kids Life collection is colorful, bright, and exhibits a range of favorite activities for your little prince or princess. From robots to daisies and from zoo animals to carriage rides, these polypropylene rugs are durable, stain resistant and reasonably priced.

Floral Rug and Robot Rug from the Tayse Kids Life Collection

From the contemporary Laguna collection...

Laguna Rug Collection the traditional Elegance collection...

Tayse Elegance Collection

...Tayse collections offer a variety of rug designs in the same color palette. This makes it so much easier to shop for a variety of designs for your home, within the same rug collection.

Tayse even offers rugs of the same design in multiple sizes. With one purchase, you have 3 matching rugs for various areas of your home. It doesn't get any easier than that.

Tayse Laguna Rug Collection

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