Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hand Carved Rugs

You get your turkey hand carved and your sculptures hand carved, but what about a rug that's hand carved?

Hand carved rugs incorporate a unique, sculpted design, bringing dimension to an otherwise flat surface. Instead of weaving in a design or pattern, the pile is sheared in a certain formation to achieve a sculpted appearance.

These rugs make their statement by having a design carved into the piling, rather than a design woven into piling of all of the same length. The image below compares a non-carved chevron patterned rug with a hand-carved chevron patterned rug. Varying pile lengths in the carved rug make the dimensionality very evident.

Rugs America Hudson Collection in Slate Chevron and Linon Hand Carved Links Collection in Grey

Using hand shears, a weaver will cut, or carve, a design into a rug. The carving gives the rug a sculpted appearance with a uniquely formatted pattern. The intricacy of the design depends on the rug and the sculptor.

In the simplest terms, carving, just like embossing, is a technique that adds texture to an otherwise flat, even piling. After a rug has been created, it is always sheared. This process creates an even pile height all over the rug. Once a rug has been sheared, then the caving will take place. Carving essentially creates valleys in the rug, or areas lower than the pile height.

Some carving takes places around certain design elements, such the floral design depicted below in the Rugs America Pacific collection.

Rugs America Pacific Collection in Seagrove

Another facet of rug carving enhances the actual design element, such as the Linon Links chevron shag rug pictured above. For these types of rugs, without the carving, there would be no design pattern on the rug, just even piling throughout.

The honeycomb design in this Momeni rug from the Lil Mo Whimsy collection displays dimensional detail which lends to the personality. A difference in the rug piling, creates an entirely new rug than if the rug was only even-piled with just a graphic design. The dimensionality brings the design of the rug to the forefront.

A hand carved rug can be considered a work of floor art, created by hand, with a design that is characterized by a three-dimensional appearance. The contemporary styling of this rugs seems intricately sculpted as a unique custom piece.

Rugs America Urban Collection in White Diamond

The piece of art that is a hand carved rug, is a sculpted piece of decor that will not go unnoticed. It's the emphasis on the removal of the pile that make these rugs seem like a work of art. We're certainly impressed.


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