Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall 2013 Decorating Trends

Design and Image Courtesy of Buckingham Interiors and Design
Checking in with some of the most popular design bloggers to see what's hot this fall.

Looking for a refreshing change for your home? Here are 9 of the most stylish design trends to look forward to this fall.

1. Whimsical Displayed Collections - break into your collection of metal lunchboxes, vintage toys and any other quirky collectables that you have been hiding away. Are you a sucker for antique tea cups or mod wall accessories found in flea markets? This fall, it's time to make it a part of your decor. Display a part of your personality by integrating your collection into parts of your decor.

Image Provided by Decor Arts Now

2. The Eclectic is Now Mainstream - While mixing of styles is often considered a design faux pas, with a bit of latitude, design is becoming more creative.  Take that whimsical, curated display one step further and exclaim your personality in big ways. This might be as simple as building a room around favorite pieces, including family heirlooms, even if the styles clash. Perhaps a particular color ties everything together or an art piece is the focal point around which the room is planned. Let the room tell your story.

Image Courtesy of Chad Stark

3. Artisan Pieces and Handmade Details - unique textures, hand-carved wood and one-of-a-kind pieces with handmade details are another part of that eclectic personality shining through. So much more than folk art, this trend is incorporating new textures and and integral pieces into your decor without changing your style. A handcrafted piece, in a complete neutral tone fits well into both contemporary and traditional decor.

4. Going Neutral - While it's not secret that neutral tones can be the perfect backdrop for bolder colors, neutrals also work well with other neutrals. Layering neutrals with other neutrals of varying shapes and textures creates a same color contrast very different from the contrast of bold or bright colors or patterns.

Neutral on Neutral from Decor Demon
Linon Cowhide Collection in Beige

5. Americana - Traditional craftsmanship from repurposed materials, placed into neutral or contemporary settings enhances a look of Americana. Good old fashioned traditional pieces, that are sturdy, rustic, well-made, unique and celebrate the beauty of handcraftsmanship are the focal point of this trend.

Image Courtesy of Lori Dennis

6. Color Contrast with Small Pieces of Furniture - Try contrasting in the decor with bold color pops on small pieces of furniture. Night stands, sofa tables, small bookcases, side chairs can be repainted and reupholstered with bold colors. Let the small pieces do all of the big talking.

7. Decor Mimicking Fashion - It's no secret how much we see interior decor mimic high fashion, and the other way around. The patterns, the color palettes, even the small details offer an uncanny similarity. Add a little bit of high fashion to your closet and to your floors.

Momeni Suzani Collection and Elie Saab Fall 2013

8. Warmth with Accessories - As fall begins to fall upon us and winter is around the corner, some of the most appealing accessories in our homes also become the practical ones. Add faux-fur throws, shag rugs, or a simple flokati to usher in the warmth. Of course, a rug creates a warmth not only with its appearance but by actually keeping in the warmth on cold days. Your toes will feel the difference.

9. Brass Details - Brass details in lighting, accessories, art and even on furniture add a touch of mid-century modern or even old Holywood, adding a bit of a vintage appearance to contemporary decor. A bedside table lamp or a vintage brass tray atop your bar counter adds that little touch of timelessness to a familiar piece.

Image Courtesy of Style At Home

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