Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Favorite Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Image: Fab Habitat
Still looking for patio inspiration?

Images: Fab Habitat and Home Design Lover

Here are some of our favorite indoor/outdoor rugs that can just as beautifully show off your indoor spaces as your outdoor oasis.

From the Safavieh courtyard collection, a rug that can blend into a multitude of styles, colors and settings and still seem fresh and new. It is durable enough to freshen up your patio, but if you decide to put it in your living area, we certainly couldn't blame you.

Safavieh Courtyard Collection in Blue and Bone
The bright colors and graphic of a woven pattern give this rug it's uniquely bold personality. Created for the Safavieh Thom Filicia Collection, you can adorn your deck with a masterpiece in modern art. The color creates a bright atmosphere and the design is reminiscent of a modern era.

Safavieh Thom Filicia Collection in Blood Orange
We can't just can't say enough good things about this rug. It combines the whimsy of nature, with a calming color palette. The unique use of color creates a wealth of possibilities when pairing this rug with cushions and accessories. Whether you go with the flying free motif or stick to pairing colors, we love that this rug could sneak its way into any decor style and be perfectly at home.

Surya Rain Collection

The Loloi Palm Springs collection makes us incredibly happy. A simple angled striped pattern with a delightful combination of blues and greens (there is also a multicolored option and a black and white version) sends us into a state of giddiness. A rug that says everything with simple colors and lines. Maybe it's our green obsession, but this is one of those rugs that would work well in a myriad of decor color schemes, including grass or lime.

Well done, Loloi.

Loloi Palm Springs Collection in Blue Green
The navy backdrop of this rug catches our eye as it generously shows of the vibrant greens, oranges and lighter blues.  Kaleen's Home and Porch collection captures the beauty of a garden as it begins bloom. In our opinion, it seems like the blooms flourish against the night sky and we love the creation.

Kaleen Home and Porch Collection in Navy
Once your eyes catch this one, you might have a hard time looking away. We are quite fixated on the leaf motif, with its playful designs and bright color choices. This rug from the Loloi Zemora collection is one that will make itself known while not overpowering or detracting from other pieces. This is certainly one rug that can be used to bring a room or a patio together beautifully with very little work. Throw in a textured, colorful border and we're sold!

Loloi Zamora Collection
We've said it once (well, maybe twice), but we'll say it again: right now, we are obsessed with green. Olives, kiwis, limes, grass, you name it and we immediately start to think of how we might pair a rug with it. From the Surya Storm collection comes a lively green beauty that has us smitten.

Surya Storm Collection in Papyrus
We love any room that can show off its playful side and there is nothing more playful than bursts of color. With a simple pattern and a delightful combination of colors, this rug not only leaves you with plenty of options for bringing a space together, it can certainly stand on its own. Your lovely spring blooms are the perfect backdrop to this rug. Or, is it the other way around?

Shaw Garden Craft Collection
The mosaic appearance of this rug adds to its character and intricate design. While you may choose to not complicate your design palette by only pairing this with solids, we see a wealth of options that are daring and simple, complicated and stylish. This is truly one of our favorites, because no matter what you do, or where you put it, it will not simply blend in or disappear. Please, say you agree.

Loloi Tropez Collection
One of our favorite "green" manufacturers is b.b. begonia. Not only are the rugs well suited for indoors and outdoors, they are reversible (so, as soon as you tire of one side, you can reverse the rug for an entirely new look) and they are constructed of recycled materials. A win/win in our opinion.

b.b. begonia in Green Blue
And the same rug in reverse.

Explore more of our indoor/outdoor collection so you can spruce up your patio, and if you agree with us, your indoor spaces, as well.

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