Monday, April 28, 2014

Using Green Color Combinations in Your Decor

Image: Female Ways
In the wake of earth day, (and as a follow-up to our green obsession), we offer these quick tips for color combinations for bringing green into your decor landscape.

Here are some green color combinations that will work with a variety of decor styles and preferences. When choosing decor themes and colors, use a color wheel as a guide. Depending on the contrast you prefer in your decor, you can reach across the color wheel or somewhere closer to home.

Lime Green
Paired with Orchid or Gray

This is an example of reaching across the color wheel for a pairing that combines a bold color choice with a neutral color choice. Lime green eases itself into contemporary decor in a stunning way. Pairing the warmer lime green with some cooler color choices beautifully highlights the contrast without one particular color standing on its own.

Image: Lush Home

Regardless of the colors you choose for your walls, there are a wealth of options for your floors.

NuLoom Textures Collection in Lavender and NuLoom Decor Collection in Green

Palm Green
Paired with Orange

Greens and oranges, both combined with hints of yellow, lie on the warmer ends of the color wheel. The warm colors cozy up next to each other and seem to be the perfect match. If you prefer a brightness to your interiors, this color combination will bring that warmth home. 

Image: House Decorating Ideas

This color combination is more commonly identified with transitional or eclectic decor. The palm green and orange options for rugs are what make rug shopping so much fun.

Kaleen Matira Collection

Kelly Green 
Paired with Navy

The coolness of a Kelly green with blue undertones is a great match for navy interiors. There is no question why we often see this combination in plaid patterns. They seem to be made for each other.

Image: Visual Vamp
Navy blue paired with kelly green is often a color combination found in more traditional decor styles. These darker color hues pair very well with a bright white. The white helps to brighten a room decorated by darker shades so that it appears larger and more open.

Capel Serpentine Collection in Green

Surya Alameda Collection in Blue and Ivory

Grass Green 
Paired with Aqua

There is no escaping the perfect pairing of greens and blues, not matter what the hue. Grass green works so well with aqua because they seem to be equals. It's cool vs. warm, but on an even playing field. No one color stands out or sits idly by while the other puts on a show. The grass green and aqua relationship is one that is symbiotic, without one being too bold or overpowering, but both working together to create a calm, yet lively, interior.

Image: Cimots

This rug from the LR Resources vibrance collection is a perfect example of how well the two colors support each other in intricate design.

LR Resources Vibrance Collection in Blue

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