Thursday, April 3, 2014

Types of Outdoor Rugs

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Quick tips: Choosing an outdoor rug that is perfect for your backyard oasis.

Use this quick reference to find an outdoor rug that fits your needs and its placement amongst your outdoor living area.

Outdoor Rug Materials - Most outdoor rugs are made of polypropylene, a synthetic fiber that is fade and mold/mildew resistant, fast drying and non-absorbent. Nylon, acrylic and DuraCord are also popular synthetic rug materials.

Jaipur Patio Collection in Black

Hand Hooked Outdoor Rugs - These rugs are handmade and either looped or trimmed to variety of pile heights. These rugs will seem very similar to the rugs you have indoors with the variety of textures piles. For this reason they are called indoor/outdoor rugs, as they are just as beautiful in your indoor living area as your outdoor living area. With any handmade rug, there is variety in color and texture. Often, no two hand hooked rugs are exactly alike.

NuLoom Veranda Collection in Light Blue

Machine Made Outdoor Rugs - These rugs are woven with power looms. Using a power loom allows for a variety of intricate stitch patterns and more color configurations. Machine made rugs will have consistent quality and appearance.

Safavieh Courtyard Collection in Olive

Braided Outdoor Rugs - Similar in appearance to the typical indoor version, these rugs are braided in various styles, with richly dyed yarn colors. Braided outdoor rugs are often reversible, which means there is no backing, but a rug that can be flipped to enjoy either side.

NuLoom Veranda Collection in Blue
Sit back, relax and imagine enjoying your new outdoor oasis. Need more guidance finding an outdoor rug? Just ask us for help.

Surya Storm Collection

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