Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moroccan Boucherouite Rugs

Image: Beldi Rugs

A comfy, cozy, color pop or a work of floor art.

The burst of colors that come with spring has us really appreciating the pops of colors that sprawl across the floor, tying together decor. Our recent fascination with color pops has been in the form of the boucherouite rug. The boucherouite rug is Moroccan in origin, a unique style of rug meaning rag in Moroccan arabic. Handmade, and, often, one of a kind, these rugs are typically constructed of recycled remnants such as cotton, synthetic fibers and seldom wool or plastic.

Image: Minted
The rag rug style allows for easy maintenance, as these rugs are washable, and the chunky funkiness is only a tiny piece of their overall allure. Even though the rugs are bursting with bold colors, they are amazingly versatile in both neutral and colorful interiors and are just as at home in eclectic or contemporary surroundings.

Image: Mimosa Lane
Explore this beautiful trend in floor decor that has us smitten.

Anji Mountain Lantern Collection
Anji Mountain created this series of boucherouite-esque rug collection with vibrant colors and constructed out of 100% recycled cotton.

Image: SF Girl By Bay
Rug: Berklina
Anji Mountain Tangier Collection
Image: Minted

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