Friday, May 2, 2014

Quick Tips for Removing Dark Colored Stains from Rugs

Dark colored rug stains beware!

Oh, Mom! What would we do without your cleaning expertise. To honor the lady that helped us learn to clean up after ourselves, we offer a series of quick tips for removing specific types of stains.

As mom would say, here's a word to the wise, some commercial stain removers can damage the fibers, remove any protective coating, or worse, break down some of the dyes that give the rug its vibrant colors. If at all possible, avoid reaching for these cleaners, and, instead, try more natural alternatives.

Quick Tips for Removing Dark Colored Stains
Organic Blood (as opposed to inorganic, you know, Halloween blood)
Dark Sodas
Mud (be sure dried mud is first vacuumed up)

Secret Weapon: Hydrogen Peroxide 
The hydrogen peroxide will essentially "bleach" or break down the dark stain, without damaging carpet dye. Search for the 3% solution in your local pharmacy.

After a spill be sure to clean up any solids that remain. Afterwards, blot any liquids (so if chocolate ice cream is spilled, for example, scoop up the ice cream and blot any melted remnants). Rinse the stain with water only. If stain is still visible, use soapy water (dish soap works well) and continue to blot on the stain. If the stain is still visible, dab the 3% hydrogen peroxide on the stain. Wait one hour for results. Repeat as needed.

Thanks for the tip, Mom.

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