Thursday, April 24, 2014

Adding Green to Your Interiors

Linking the lush outdoors with your indoor oasis. Exploring shades of green and how they speak to the mood of your decor.

We're quite sure that this beautiful weather and blooms galore has us just crazy about all things green. Make green your new neutral for a fresh backdrop or use it to create dynamic color pops. From emerald to kiwi, and bold to bright, we've got you covered.

Emerald - It's a bold jewel tone that exudes personality. This green is lively, lush, rich and full of energy. If you want vivacity paired with your neutrals, this one takes the cake. Whether you choose just accessorize and adjust to this bold shade of green in small doses or you cover your walls in this luxurious jewel, emerald is delightfully dazzling.

NuLoom Grace Collection in Forest

Luxurious Emerald Living Room
Image: All Day Chic

NuLoom Harlow Collection in Green

Grassy - Grass green unfolds a refreshing look that is soothing and renewing. This shade is the grass beneath your feet invoking newness, rebirth and growth. A green that is a fresh start may just be your new natural neutral.

NuLoom Textures Collection in Green

Image: Decor Gallery
NuLoom Textures Collection in Green

Chartreuse and Lime
- These bright shades of green are highly energetic and make a very distinct statement. You wouldn't just saunter through this green room, you would stay a while and feel revived as it is sure to inspire conversation.

Jaipur Midtown by Raymond Walles Collection in Lime Punch

Image: Barbara Gilbert Interiors

Delyn Infinity Collection in Lime

Olive Green - This color is a faithful standby. A dark green mixed with hints of brown uncovers a color that is cozy, rustic and even a bit traditional. Olive is certainly a color that ease itself in the background and work well with other neutrals as well as other shades of green.

Safavieh Chelsea Collection in Green

Image: Casa Diseno

Nourison Jaipur Collection in Green

Blue Green or Green Blue - Cool and calm, the serenity of the green and blue combination is unmistakable. Tranquil hues combining greens and blues naturally find their way into seaside homes and in rooms that require peace and calm. The beauty of relaxation.

Surya Tamira Collection in Spa

Image: Caribbean Living
NuLoom Veranda Collection in Lime

Find more fresh ideas for adding green to your floor decor.

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