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Cleaning Outdoor Rugs

How to keep your outdoor rug ship shape, bold and vibrant, year-round.

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In the season of alfresco dining and patio embellishments, here are a few tips for keeping those outdoor rugs looking their best all season and every season.

Rug Construction

First things first, indoor/outdoor rugs are constructed of polypropylene fibers. These synthetic plastic fibers are stain resistant, mold/mildew resistant, fade resistant and highly durable. Even in the harshest conditions, these rugs will weather very well.

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Regularly vacuuming your outdoor rugs helps with keeping loose dirt from settling down into the fibers. Not only can excessive dirt cause the fibers to appear dingy, it can also give mold a place to grow (soil can be very damp). You might consider vacuuming both sides, particularly if the rug has been moved around your patio or yard. Depending on how much the rug is used, you may opt to vacuum the rug once a month.

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Spot Treat Stains

Any spills or stains should be spot treated, the same as any other type of indoor rug. Because of the nature of the fibers, these stains can be easily treated. With outdoor rugs, you can always start by blotting the stain with a water wicking material, such as a clean, dry towel. Should the stain persist, you can then use a very mild detergent (such as dish soap) to blot the stain. From dark colored stains, acidic and alkaline stains, and oily and waxy stains, we offer a few additional tips for stain removal.

Water Cleaning

If you decide to hose off and clean the entire rug at once, make sure that you place the rug on a slight incline. You can even use a straight broom to push water off of the edge of the rug. For quicker drying, simply place the rug in the sun.

Store for Winter

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If your rug is placed in a part of your patio that might fall under heavy snow, you may consider rolling your rug out for the season. Here are a few tips for packing up a rug for the season.

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