Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick Tips for Buying a Rug

Image: Select Interiors

First timers have no need to be nervous, we all need a little help navigating the rug buying process.

We offer a few quick tips for buying your first rug, be it online or anywhere.

Tip 1. Research Rug Types

Do a bit of research on each of the rug types. Each rug type varies in texture, durability, pile and fiber. With a bit of help you can narrow down the type of rug that will work best for your space. Here's a bit of explanation on the different types of rug fibers. Also, each type of rug fiber is categorized on RugPal to help make your search easier.

As a guideline, remember, rug fibers are essentially divided into two categories: synthetic and natural. Natural fibers are often not as durable as synthetic, but have a softer feel. The most popular natural fiber is wool. A large majority of rugs are constructed of wool fibers.

Safavieh Shag Collection and Anji Mountain Cira Collection

Tip 2. Pick a Pattern or Style

Decide if you want a neutral solid or a bold colored geometric pattern. Choosing the type of pattern or style you want will depend greatly on the decor that is already in place and the themes around which you are decorating.

Chandra Inhabit Collection Geometric Rug or Momeni Seconda Collection Traditional Rug

Tip 3. Choose Your Size and Shape

The size of rug that you want or need will depend on the spaces that you are trying to fill. If you are unsure of where to start, use this guide. It may help to measure your space first, and if necessary, your furniture. Use a bit of string to determine if the dimension of the rug that you want will fit well into the space.

Oh, and never underestimate the uniqueness of a round rug.

NuLoom Cine Collection

Tip 4. Remember your own Preferences when Placing a Rug

There are plenty of rules when placing a rug in your home. however, we think breaking those rules can be just as inventive. Where you place the rug can help with determining the perfect size and shape.

Image: Daly Designs

Tip 5. Returns or Exchanges

Make sure when you are shopping for a rug that you have the opportunity to return or exchange it should it not work well with your space.

Happy hunting!

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