Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quick Tips for Removing Oily and Waxy Stains

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Just when you thought stain fighting was a cinch....

Waxy and ouly stains on rugs require a bit of extra attention. Mom says when the stains get tough, break out the big guns.

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Quick tips for removing waxy or oily rug stains
Asphalt or tar

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Secret Weapon: Rubbing Alcohol
Use strength rubbing alcohol directly from the bottle. Do not dilute it. The alcohol will dissolve the oily or sticky residue.

First, scrape off as much of the stain as possible. For waxy stains, cover the area with brown paper (a grocery store bag works perfectly) and use a warm iron to transfer the waxy stain onto the brown paper. Next, apply the rubbing alcohol with a clean, dry towel. Do not allow the alcohol to pool. Blot the alcohol with a clean, dry towel. Continue this process until the towel remains clean. If the stain ceases to fade and still remain, switch to the hydrogen peroxide method.

Mom always has a trick up her sleeve!

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