Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Decorating with Ombre

Image: Fresh Home

Make way for ombre.
From dark to light and light to dark. This trend has been gaining popularity in salons and haute couture collections, now it is creeping its way into the interior design world. Serving up a little ombre for your floors may just catapult your style from "trying to stay ahead," to "trendsetter." Here's why we think ombre is a trend that can blend into any style and add a fresh perspective to your interiors.

Ombre Dresser Image: Liz Marie

What is OMBRE? The word "ombre" is derived from the French word "ombrer," which translates to "to shade." In the fashion world it is prevalent in the use of color in fabrics, or having colors that "shade" into each other. Ombre is essentially the graduation of color from light to dark or dark to light (depending on you look at it). This graduation of color is not just limited to fabrics, however, since it refers more to the appearance of the colors, rather than a dying process.

There's ombre hair..

Image: RMUK

...sweet ombre...

Image: Cake Coquette

...and, of course, ombre decor.

Image: Fresh Home

The beauty of ombre is its flexibility for building on a variety of hues. Decor can span from dark to light, focusing on any of the hues in between. Ombre can be dressed up or dressed down, made to blend in to a bohemian chic bedroom or into stark contemporary living room. Elegant and sophisticated or cozy and eclectic, this style is moving past fabrics to wallpaper, painting techniques and rugs.

NuLoom Barcelona Collection in Blue

The amount of ombre that you use throughout your home depends entirely upon your tastes. Don't think you are stuck to just the hues of the ombre for decor choices, you may have a room that uses the ombre style, but with variety of colors. Maybe your use of ombre is a bit more subtle, using only neutral colors in such a gradual manner with color changes virtually unnoticeable.

LR Resources Satori Collection in Lime

Consider making ombre part of your floor decor. Here are some shining (er, um shading), examples.

Capel Rossio Collection in Azure

American Rug Craftsmen Shaggy Vibes Collection in Brown-Taupe

St. Croix Trading Aspect Collection in Purple

Try on some new shades. Add a little ombre to your decor.

Image: Decoist

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