Monday, June 2, 2014

How to Pull Decor Color Schemes from your Rug

A perfect lesson in color using a traditional rug style.

It is often said, that of all of the accessories used to decorate a home, a rug can be the one piece of decor that will pull all of the other design elements together. While we could try our best to describe how to best pull color schemes from a rug, we would rather leave it to a color expert.

The Land of Color has prepared a step by step plan to offer just a bit of assistance when building upon a rug with a complicated color scheme.

It doesn't seem so complicated now. Pay close attention to the hints on blends vs, tints vs. shades.

Phew! Color catastrophe averted.

For more tips on how to add a little bit of color to you life, visit The Land of Color blog.

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