Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Jaipur Maroc Collection

Full Jaipur Maroc Rug Collection

Flat weave and fabulous: introducing the Jaipur Maroc Collection.

Each rug in the Jaipur Maroc collection is a wondrous creation of geometric patterns, both carefully constructed and randomly placed, and an array of contemporary hues that would appeal to the hippest of decor. The rugs are reversible flat weave which can be a perfect companion in a dorm room, with low pile and a variety of styles.

Bold and Beautiful
Go bright and bold or go home. These rugs take a bit of orange and pink and upgrade it to dazzling.

Jaipur Maroc Collection

Dots and Spots
Seeings spots? Dots? Maybe all of the above. It's amazing how a pattern so simple can create a look so stylish.

Geometrically Genius
Even you aren't the most adept at geometry, these rugs will help you ease into some 60s inspired designs and other classics that really never go out of style.

Explore more of the Maroc collection in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles on RugPal.

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