Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jaipur Pura Vida Collection

Jaipur Pura Vida Rug Collection
Decorating with vertical or horizontal lines, whether combining them in the traditional or in a creatively artistic way, can promote order, flair, color and well-organized design.

The Jaipur Pura Vida Collection is stripes. All stripes. The designs, although simplistic in geometric layout, are a well planned design. The rugs in this collection are hand-crafted in a very durable flatwoven construction, but what catches your eye is something completely different. In contemporary styling and a color palette that appeals to the hippest of city dwellings or the relaxed seaside escape, versatility has never look so chic.

Each rug is constructed of handspun wool and the coloring is the result of a dyeing process that lends a uniquely nuanced depth of color.

Design: Amistad

Amistad Design in Bermuda Blue, Lime Green and Cocoa Brown

Design: Nubes
Nubes Design in Sea Blue and Apple Green

Design: Dias

Dias Design in Sky Blue, Daffodil, Deep Navy, Medium Gray and Vermillion

Design: Cielo

Cielo Design in Saffron

Design: Chapala

Celestial and Aruba Blue in Chapala Design

Explore more of the Jaipur Pura Vida collection, and help your floors earn their stripes.

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