Friday, July 12, 2013

Rugs that are Modern Art

Raindrops #3 by Bruce Gray

An escape from the traditional, modern art ignores boundaries and redefines the ideas of art in new and experimental ways.

Geometry in modern art takes on a whole new mean, by eliminating the consistency of patterns and redefining the order of shapes and colors. The Nourison Modern Art Collection combines bold colors, abstract motifs and juxtaposition of light and dark. If your home decor explores the unique vibrancy of modern art, while emphasizing geometry, in no certain terms, this rug collection works, on so many levels.

The neutral backdrop emphasizes the bold color palette and alternating shapes in shapes. Whether you see circles in squares or squares in squares, this piece in chestnut is a lively, modern choice for your floor.

Nourison Modern Art Rug in Chestnut

Whether you see a bullseye and arrows or sharp angles combined with gentle curves, this piece is whimsical and modernly magnificent. 

Nourison Modern Art Rug in Balsa

The brightness of this piece, including the sharp angles drawing the eye to the center of the rug (resembling rays of sunshine), is only one of the many reasons we love this rug. Vibrant colors, art decor styling and a beautiful contrast in shape and color make this rug a perfect addition to your modern decor.

Multicolor Nourison Modern Art Rug

Square off and don't be ashamed of your love for right angles and straight lines. This rug, reminiscent of the Cubist style, may just become your favorite piece of art, despite being floor decor.

Nourison Modern Art Rug in Sandstone

Stray away from the simplicity of recognizable shapes and become more abstract. Introduce some modern eccentricity to your home and create your own museum standards.

Nourison Modern Art Rug in Balsa

Your modern style deserves a stunning backdrop. Explore the Nourison Modern Art Rug Collection on Rug Pal.

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