Wednesday, July 31, 2013

RugPal Welcomes Kaleen Rugs

Kaleen Carriage Collection in Spa

Kaleen rugs are now a part of the distinguished family of rug manufacturers on RugPal.

Based in Mumbai, Kaleen rugs are manufactured in India by over 3,500 skilled artisans. Kaleen is a vertically integrated manufacturing company, which means there is a commitment to quality in every aspect of rug production.

The beauty of a Kaleen rug begins with high quality raw materials, with only seasonal wools being used. Committed to not only the highest quality materials, but highly skilled artisans who contribute to a range of rug styles and designs.

The Kaleen style is diverse enough to appeal to contemporary design...

Kaleen Soho Collection

...traditional design...

Kaleen Brooklyn Collection in Silver
---and everything in between.

Kaleen Astronomy Collection
Join us in welcoming Kaleen rugs as one of the newest members in our esteemed list of rug manufacturers. Combining years of handcrafted tradition with beautiful design, Kaleen rugs truly committed to both quality and detail. Contemporary color palettes and a modern take on traditional designs result in a the perfect decor for your floor.

Kaleen Inspire Collection

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