Thursday, July 25, 2013

Decorating with a Pouf

The pouf. An innovative and creative way to add style to any space. Of course, the practical uses make the pouf practically perfect.

A versatile design piece that has crossed into the mainstream, the pouf not only has a variety of purposes, all while enhancing your space with your own personality.

What exactly is a pouf? A pouf is a large, shaped, stuffed pillow. The word shaped is important, as a pouf will maintain its specific shape, unlike a pillow. Although the origin of the pouf can be debated, it is most commonly referred to as a Moroccan pouf. Formerly known as a hassock, which was often used as a stool or footstool. These hassocks typically had a wooden frame and were completely covered in fabric, so that the legs of the "footstool" were invisible.

The ways in which the pouf is displayed in your home depends upon the size of your space, your furniture, your decor style and your fascination with the puffy side of life. Because the piece is so versatile and can double as practically any type of furniture, it is a perfect addition to a small space, such as a studio apartment or dorm room.

Behold. The magic of the pouf.

The Puf as Ottoman
A very common use for the pouf is an ottoman. It can be easily placed at the foot of any type of furniture. Whether or not the pouf is intended to be an ottoman, it often becomes one. Consider it as an alternative to a bulky ottoman that may take up more space than intended.

Decor and Pouf Styling by Serena and Lily

The Pouf as Table
The sturdiness of the pouf, unlike the fluffiness of a pillow, makes it a perfect table stand-in. A pouf can be your coffee table, sofa table or even a dining table for a stylish on the floor dining.

Image Courtesy of Little Gypsy, Big Suitcase

The Pouf for Seating Arrangements
Overflow seating has never been so versatile. Forget buying expensive chairs for your living area that only get used when guests come. Use poufs to extra seating, anytime.

The Pouf as Versatile Decor
The pouf can be used as a pop of color or design as well as a holder of items. In the same way a coffee table can be used as a versatile, yet decorative piece of furniture, so can a pouf.

Image Courtesy of Sheri Cassara Designs

Image Courtesy of Decor Pad

The Pouf as Pet Sitter
Your pets may bypass their usual pet beds and head straight for the delightful pouf. This pug must have impeccable taste.

The Dog Pouf Image Courtesy of Sherri Cassara Designs

The Pouf Paired with Decor
Need some ideas for how to pair that pouf with other decor? We've selection some stunning rugs to join those stunning poufs.

Moroccan Pouf

Turquoise Moroccan Pouf paired with Linon Pale Blue Flokati Shag Rug, Safavieh Soho CollectionSurya Hudson Park Collection in Moss or the Jaipur City Collection in Mushroom.


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