Monday, July 22, 2013

Shopping for Rugs for Your College Room

Make sure you add a rug to your back to school college shopping list.

Every college student needs a little getting started on the right foot. Sometimes when your future is so bright, it's hard to see right in front of you, even if you are stepping out of your bed and onto a rug.

Without question or seminar discussion, adding a rug will enhance that otherwise dull dorm room. Here's a few suggestions to help guide your rug shopping experience. We've even categorized your selections and included choices that are very budget-friendly, in true collegiate fashion.

Hues of Blues - Blue is a very calming color, conducive to sound sleep and quiet studying, without over stimulation.  Even if your decor is green, pink or brown, a blue rug can fit right in. If blue isn't your decor color of choice, try color searching to find rugs that fit your favorite color palettes.

You May Just be a Runner - If you have a small room or you just want a small sliver of a rug in between beds or study areas, consider a runner. Most rugs come in the shape of a runner, so if you see a rug that you like, but prefer a narrower format, check the other shapes function when perusing a specific rug, or perform a general search for all runners.

Plushness - If you prefer to study completely sprawled out, while still being cozy, you might want to consider a shag rug. Shag rugs add so much personality and coziness that you may never want to leave your little nest (see the gorgeous white shag rug in the photo above). If shag is just too much for you, try simply selecting a rug from our plush collections. Plush rugs are just as soft, without being so psychedelically stylish.

Erudite - Maybe you prefer for your rug choices to be a little less about color choice and a little more about your English major. This collection of rugs from Stella Smith are perfectly educational.

Surya Stella Smith Collection
If this is your first foray into floor decor, do a bit of research, just like any good student would. Search for tips on how to measure, sizing the right rug for your space, choosing the fibers that work best for your usage and ways in which you can minimize shedding.

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