Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nature Inspired Design

Loloi Muse Collection in Blue and Gorgeous Peacock Feathers

What inspires your design? The patterns that occur in nature always tend to find their way into unique design.

While perusing some of our favorite collections, these nature inspired designs really jumped out at us. Perhaps it's because we're enjoying the balmy summer nights, perhaps it's because we've been hooked on recognizing patterns in design. Whatever the reason, these rugs will surely speak to a nature lover. Your secluded cottage in the woods or your sunroom surrounded by blooms will be the perfect setting for nature inspired design.

Tree trunk or rug? This simple study in lines and circles in earth tones results in a very familiar image. This rug is constructed from 100% hand-tufted wool.

Momeni New Wave Collection in Earth

With a natural color palette found in the woods, this circular pattern is a geometric beauty. Of course these circles in motion also resemble the interior of a tree trunk showing natural lines of age.

Momeni New Wave Collection in Earth

We see this pattern and we can't help but think of dandelions drifting in the wind.

Jaipur Blue Collection in Taupe

You may see a careful configuration of geometric shapes or you may see peony perfection. With delightful dimension, this rug displays the beauty of peonies in a neutral color palette.

Safavieh Soho Collection in Light Grey

Follow the pebbled pathway, the spots on the neck of a giraffe, or the natural toned pattern of skewed shapes across your room. Whatever you see when you look at this rug, there's no question that it is inspired by nature.

Safavieh Soho Collection

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