Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Rugs that Make a Room Look Bigger

Using a Rug To Trick the Eye

In a small room, every inch of space is crucial. Strategically placing a rug in small room is just as important as picking out the most fitting rug for your decor. Here are a few tips for rug placement and selection to use as a guide for making a space appear far larger than it actually is.

Tip 1: Allow flooring to be exposed on at least two sides of the rug. As depicted in the image above, make sure the floor shows.

Tip 2: Buy a rug as large as the area to be covered, while still allowing for floor exposure. A small rug often creates the appearance of a small space. The rug in the photo below is far too small for the space, emphasizing the small living room.

Rug Too Small for Space

Tip 3: Monochromatic color schemes or light colored rugs create a more open look. Bolder colors tend to make a small space fee smaller and dark. The Loloi rug from the Nyla Collection is a perfect example of a muted toned rug that can contribute to increasing the size of a room, instead of working against your efforts.

Loloi Nyla Collection

Tip 4: In a long, narrow space, use a long narrow rug that contributes to the vertical sprawl of the room. Runners work well in long, narrow spaces.

Tip 5: Place the rug to extend the view toward a large window. Windows contribute large amounts of natural light, which can make a room appear very larger. Strategical place a rug to draw the view toward the source of natural light.

Use the Natural Light and Feature the Windows

Tip 6: After arranging the furniture, use the rug to anchor the room. Place only the front feet or front portion of the furniture on the rug.

Strategic Furniture Placement

Tip 7: If you can't find a rug large enough for your space, consider fastening two rugs together to create a massive floor rug that gives the illusion of a massive living room.

Two Joined Area Rugs

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