Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Cinnamon Challenge

Cinnamon Challenge?

As the latest, and potentially dangerous, internet sensation swirls through viral history, we'd like to take a moment to offer up a challenge of our own. Go BOLD. Go CINNAMON. Go BRICK RED. Let your bold decor do the talking.

Bold, deep colors make their own statement and you never have to utter a word. The RugPal cinnamon challenge is directed to your floors. Go on, take the challenge. Freshen up your decor with something that captures attention. Although designers may have their own definition about the shade represented by the word cinnamon, we tend to think of it as a reddish-brown. Not completely red, not completely brown, but cinnamon all its own.

Loloi Charlotte Collection

We promise, decorating in shades of cinnamon will not harm you in any way. Breathe in the beauty of the design and the versatility of the color, despite it's bold appearance. The Capel Irish Stitch collection plays on the harmony of cinnamon and some spicier reds, the muted browns and the fashionable chevron pattern.

A Bit of Chevron

Of course, if you prefer more of the subtleness of the brown hues of cinnamon, we can offer up the cinnamon toast challenge.

Loloi Floyd Collection

Well, not the kind you eat, but Loloi perfectly captures the essence cinnamon toast in the design of this rug. Even the geometric squares are toasty.

Still not convinced of the power of cinnamon? Look how it weaseled it's way into this year's spring collection from Hilfiger vs. Surya Natural Fiber Dominican rug collection.

Don't fall for a ridiculous internet prank. RugPal recommends that you take the real cinnamon challenge when choosing your home decor. Your floors will love you.

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