Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Lowdown on Rug Fibers

When choosing a rug for your home, select the most fitting design is not the only aspect to consider. Knowing which fiber will work best for your space is just as important as colors, patterns and sizes. Here's a quick run down of the various types of rug fibers.

Essentially rugs fibers are divided into tow categories: natural and synthetic. When selecting a fiber type, consider use of the space, foot traffic and the limits of your budget.

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Synthetic Fibers:

These rugs will be durable, yet not as durable as other alternative synthetics. Acrylic rugs are often blended with other synthetics to make the rug stronger. Expect a moderate price range when shopping for acrylics.

This synthetic fiber is resistant to UV fading, mildew, and water absorption. A rug that is constructed of polypropylene can be very affordable, is extremely durable and is often machine constructed.

A shiny fiber that is often mistaken for silk. In a budgetary pinch, this rug could be used as a silk replacement, as viscose is more affordable. Some shedding will occur with this type of rug, particularly if it is lower quality.

A polyester rug can be affordable, soft to the touch and wears very well. This type of fiber can expect to hold their color very well over time and are easy to clean.

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Natural Fibers:

Aside from being easy to clean and maintain, cotton fibers are very soft and can create comfort underfoot. Often cotton is used for the based of a rug construction.

Derived from the agave plant, a sisa; rug will not attract dust or static. If you are considering sustainability, sisal fibers fit the bill.

This fiber produces one of the most affordable rug choices and is second only to cotton as the most produced vegetable fiber. Jute rugs are durable and antistatic.

Touted as the most commonly used natural fiers for a rug, the diameter of the fiber determines the price and quality. Be prepared for wool to shed, however, the shedding will subside during the life of the rug.

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