Monday, April 1, 2013

Why Buy a Rug?

Rug Enhancing Sitting Area

A pop of color or a unique graphic can enhance the design of any space, but a rug can be so much more than just stunning decor. If you are considering buying rug for your home, you might also want to consider the practical reasons for decorating with rugs.

Here are the top 5 reasons why we think of rugs as multifunctional in addition to being multicolored, multifashionable and multifantastic:

1. Rugs are a Focal Point
Much like art on the walls, rugs can be the focal point of any room. The eyes are drawn to spaces that are arranged around specific features. These features can be furniture, art, a view, a rug, or a combination of any of the three.

Living Area Focal Point

2. Rugs Add Comfort and Warmth
For homes with hard flooring and no carpeting, a rug can add the perfect amount of comfort underfoot and climate control in the winter. During winter months when a home with hard floors can seem draft, a rug goes a long way toward keeping in the warmth.

3. Rugs Protect Floors
Dining tables, sofas, chairs, ottomans, practically any type of furniture, when scooted across a wood floor, can cause damage to both the floor and the furniture. Sitting furniture atop a rug can go a long way to protecting your gorgeous wood floors from scuffs and dimples. When sizing a rug for a room with furniture, because to consider the furniture sitting on top of the rug as a component of the correct size.

Traditional Dining Area Rug

4. Rugs Can Muffle Sound
Hard floored homes are known to enhance sounds rather than keep them quiet. Walking on hard floors in a multiple storied home can be distracting on the floor below. Not only can a rug help to muffle sounds to the floor below, it can reduce echoes in a room, enhancing the home theatre experience and keep things quiet when the rest of the house may be sleeping.

5. Rugs Can Be the Best Cover-Up
If your floor or carpet does sustain some damage, a rug can be a cover up. Instead of the stain or weathered wood being the focal point of a room, the rug becomes a perfect focal point, hiding all of the flaws.

Have we missed something? Let us know some of the reasons you bought your rug.

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