Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Find the Best Rug Size for your Space

Miami Shag Rug
When contemplating an area rug for a space of any size, it's hard to overlook the importance of aesthetics and "look."  However, when on the prowl for fine floor apparel, there are plenty of practical questions that should be addressed before ever fixing on a rug style, color, or design. 

Begin your search by envisioning the area rug in your space. Do you want it to fill the entire room space, or just one small area? Do you prefer the rug to extend past the edge of your furniture or fit within the space created by the furniture arrangement,? Will you need more than one rug to fit a unique configuration? You are the only person that can answer these questions, as your preferences will guide how you want to fill the space. Here are some examples of rug sizing that may help guide you:

If you prefer to accent an open space, you may choose to have to size the rug to just meet the edges of the furniture. Your desired space will show off the rug, particularly if your furniture is arranged to encapsulate the space.

Area Rug Filling Entire Living Room
A more classic interior design philosophy is to choose an area rug that fits an entire space, thus placing furniture on top of the rug. See photo to the right. This arrangement accents the large-sized rug and its coordination with the furniture. If you are seeking an arrangement that invites your guests to a cozy space, it's important to measure your space for this area rug design scenario.

If your idea of design is one that enhances free flowing shapes and non-linear compositions, an animal skin rug is a perfect option. Determining the size of the rug rug may rely more on how the rug will flow with existing pieces in the abstract, rather than fitting exact measurements.

Using a rug to highlight a room or as a visual eye popper allows some flexibility in fitting the rug to the space. In the photo to the right, for example, the rug lengthens the room, leading to the main piece of furniture. When choosing this option, the size of the rug can vary depending on how much or how little you want to accent.
Bedroom Area Rug

Once you decide on the basic parameters for the space where your rug will be placed, you need to measure that space. Use these measurements to fit the rug into the space. If you want your rug to reach past furniture edges, be sure to measure that space, as well.

Be aware that you may not find a rug that fits those exact measurements, therefore you will have to choose the closest size for the fit you envisioned. If you choose a size that is slightly different from the space you measured, be sure to re-mesure the space with the new rug size. This will give you an idea of how the selected rug will fit.

Filtering your shopping choices by rug size and shape, for example, will help guide you to the choices of rugs that fit your design parameters. Perusing the oval 6x9 rugs or the rectangle rugs that measure 8x12, for example, will help you to narrow down design options for a rug of a particular shape and size. Although it can be tempting to begin with browsing by design, there is a possibility that a particularly rug design may not fit your measure space.

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