Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Design Trends - Rugs

Piecing Rugs for Eclectic Style

Although the interior decor of your home is more reflective of your taste rather than the latest trends, trends in home decor can offer a new creative spin on proven styles. We've identified a few rug trends that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

1. Rugs on Rugs -  Layering area rugs of varying styles and textures creates a backdrop, of sorts, for the top most layer. It's important to size rugs  so that there are at least 12 to 18 inches of space on each side, so that the contrast is evident. If you are mixing rug patterns, these tips will be helpful.

Sisal Rug Layered with Animal Hide

2. Piecing Rugs - Both large and small spaces can be broken up in creative ways with multiple rugs of multiple sizes. The rugs may be tied together with similar colors, patterns or shapes, creating an eclectic blend for any space.

3. Bold Patterns - Much like a piece of art, bold, dramatic printed rugs are being used to make a statement in neutral territory.  Bold patterns may use bright pops of colors or a sharp contrast of colors in a unique geographic pattern.

Safavieh Soho Collection

4. Green - The newest pantone color trend for spring is emerald green. The color trend spawned a green infused revolution in fashion and interior design, from shoes to fabrics and pencil skirts to rugs.

5. Recycling - Rugs created with recycled plastics are a new alternative to other synthetic rug fibers. The rugs are  just as durable and stain resistant as the non-recycled ones and add new meaning to decorating in green.

6. Gray and Yellow - We've said it once and we'll say it again, the gray and yellow trend is one to follow. The neutrality of the gray and the brightness of the yellow are a perfect marriage of color pops with a contrasting backdrop.

Surya Organic Modern Collection

7. Chevron Pattern - A chevron pattern is the repetition of an inverted V shape. That same chevron pattern that has made its way into fashionable clothing is also being used to highlight interior decor. Chevron prints can be considered a bold pattern or part of a neutral blend, as depicted in the rug below.

Jaipur Maroc Collection

Your personal taste never goes out of style. It's not always possible to stay ahead of the trends, but you can jump right in, especially with the latest trends blend your personal taste with what's hot.

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