Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rugs in the Traditional Style

Traditional Style Area Rug

The word traditional is used quite frequently in interior design with varying degrees styling and effect. Traditional can refer to anything that is non-contemporary, to those with classic European styling, or even to ornate, elegant furnishings. When it comes to choosing a traditional rug, however, the style is much easier to identify.

When referring to the traditional styling of a rug, designers are most often referring to the scrollwork and intricate, sprawling geometric designs. As depicted in the design below.

Surya Zeus Collection

This style of a traditional rug mimics the styling of antique oriental rugs that are synonymous the types of rug that adorned royal palaces and homes.

Coloring of traditional rugs is most often bold and dark, in tones of maroon and red, dark blue, green, with patterns etched out in black, white or even gold. The rugs often include a border, of a different color, which emanates the same pattern used  color palette of the rug, but in a more neutral shade.When decorating with the traditional style rug, however, colors of decor are not often matched. The rugs are meant to stand out, rather than blend in.

Safavieh Old World Collection

In the past, the oriental style rug was typically paired with stately, antique furnishings, however, the guidelines for interior designing in specific styles have been blurred. Traditional rugs can be used with any type of decor, ranging from contemporary to antique. Because the rug is often the centerpiece of a room, it can greatly effect the flow from the floor to the furnishings. A traditional rug may be just what you need to bring your eclectic styles all together.

What is your style?

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