Friday, February 21, 2014

A Variety of Design Styles for the Same Rug

Surya Fallon in Sky - Image Courtesy of Surya
One rug with multiple personalities.

Transitional style is difficult to categorize. It's not quite ornate as traditional style. It's not quite as flashy or austere as contemporary. It can be warm and inviting without being too casual. It may just be the perfect style that spreads itself through even the most austere or ornate designs with much success.

The transitional design category is one that can float from style to style without needing to take on an identity. From contemporary to traditional, these rugs fuse design styles in an almost effortless manner. They are suitable for a variety of decor styles while seeming as though they were made to be one of a kind.

When investigating the success of transitionally designed rugs, we decided to find rugs that have transcended a specific design style and seem to almost take on multiple identities. If you are struggling with finding a rug that fits a specific design style, perhaps change course a bit and search for rugs that fit a myriad of design styles.

Still not quite sure about Transitional designed rugs? We found some very alluring examples of the transitional design fitting perfectly into a variety of styles.

The Surya Fallon collection includes a variety of rugs bode well in a variety of design styles, colors, shapes and sizes. This particular rug from the Fallon collection features a trellis design, created by artist Jill Rosenwald, in a delicate scrolled manner.

Surya Fallon Rug in Turquoise - Image Courtesy of Surya

This rug fits very well into a traditionally designed living area that is keen on blues and greens. The design is not too ornate, yet incorporates some of the same scrolling style seen in the table legs. Although a different shade of turquoise than the walls, it offers a statement from floor to ceiling, while blending the hues of blues.

The display of this rug in a very playful manner as a brightness to contrast the paleness of the bench and walls and the darkness of the floors. Altogether, the neutral tones and vintage style of design lend itself to the support of the rug as a base for the colorful cushions.

Surya Fallon Rug in Yellow - Image Courtesy of Surya

We found the use of the Surya Fallon rug in this design so delightfully modern and eclectic that we really don't think the style should be labeled. The rug works to even out the brightness of the white, while still remaining the perfect backdrop.

Surya Fallon Collection in Turquoise - Image Courtesy of Decor Pad

A contemporary black leather sofa is a wonderful match for the Surya Fallon Jill Rosenwald design. See what we mean, it just transcends labels and helps you to create a cohesive design.

The Fallon rug in the trellis design boasts 13 color combinations: blue and ivory; brick and gold; brown and ivory; brown and rust; chocolate and fuchsia; chocolate and pale blue; coral and ivory, gray and ivory; ivory and golden brown; sage and ivory; sky and ivory; turquoise and ivory; and, yellow and ivory. From bold to neutral, you can make a statement or blend in. That's the beauty of transition.

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