Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Decorating in Red

Moroccan Red Bedroom from Michael J. Stiller Interiors
Red is passion, boldness and sureness.

Red does not go unnoticed.  With the day of St. Valentine upon us, we pay homage to a color that makes a statement, invokes stimulation and is always boastful. Here are some of our favorite ways that red has been used to enhance the mood, envelop a room and boldly go where some other colors fear to tread.

1. Choosing Red for your Decor Style
Different shades of red tend to complement the color palettes used in various decor styles. The list below should help with choosing the red that seems to fit you best.

Featured Rugs:
Contemporary - Nu Loom Grace Collection

2. Dining in the Red
It's been said that red stimulates appetite. While we can't exactly prove that when we see red we think steak dinner, there is something formal and inviting about a red dining room or a red kitchen.

Red Dining Room from Southgate

3. Red in Rugs
The wonderful thing about decorating with rugs that include the color red is that red may or may not be your intended color focus, but it always begs to be noticed. The versatility in the various shades of red may dictate how you use it in your decor, either as a centerpiece, or a as a mere connector to another part of the house. Either way, the solutions never disappoint.

1. Transitional (eclectic) - NuLoom Cine Collection in Red
2. Country and Floral - Safavieh Blossom Collection in Rust

4. Red Accents
As an accent color, red is used to draw the eye to certain spaces or places, enhance the mood or identify items in particular that should be noticed. The workspace depicted below uses red as an accent paired with a bright and cheerful blue to make art, decor and even the trim, stand out. The red is not overwhelming, rather an enhancement to a range of pastels. Staring at the room for a matter of seconds drew our eyes immediately to the red accents.

Image Courtesy of Jenny All Sorts
Remember that turquoise trend? Looky, looky what works well as an accent to turquoise.

Image Courtesy of Charlotte Minty

5. Drama, drama, drama
Red is commanding and confident. Don't just choose red accents, choose red walls, red floors, red art, red throw pillows or red lamps. If you have a flair for the dramatic, you'll definitely be seeing red. The best part about red is that mixes with almost any decor style or color palette.

Vampire Bathroom by Trendhunter

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