Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines in Red and Pink and Rugs

Dynamic Rugs Fantasia Collection in Pink
Rugs that say Happy Valentine's Day! Be still our heart.

You find love in the unlikeliest of places. This Valentine's Day, maybe you can let you floors do the talking.

A bouquet of roses is always a welcome treat on Valentine's Day. This unique design from the NuLoom Modella collection is almost a work of modern art. With a likeness to the style of modern artist and a simple color scheme, this rug will fit nicely into your eclectic decor. Who says your Valentine's bouquet can't be a hand-tufted work of art?

NuLoom Modella Collection in Pink

At first glance this rug reminded us of the homemade constructed Valentine cards that only the cutest of kiddos can make. A zig zag chevron pattern in a scheme of grays and pinks makes for a delightfully contemporary piece incorporating a pattern that is certainly a la mode.

Mohawk Ziggidy Collection in Hot Pink and Charcoal

We couldn't help but see a delectably delightful box of pink marshmallow cremes, although as a rug, NuLoom creates some sweet whimsy. The repetitive pattern of the lantern shape, with plenty of space for coziness and the irregular orange outline makes this rug a perfectly funny valentine.

Nu Loom Grace Collection in Pink

It seems that NuLoom has quite the knack for the design of a valentine. The second we saw this creative hand-tufted and hand-cut rug, we immediately thought of the decorative doilies that grace the cover of valentine greetings. What treat to grace your floors with such intricate detail.
NuLoom Modella Collection in Fuschia

With a shaggy red heart, love is only a plush footstep away. This heart shaped shag rug in a deep pink is endearing, cozy and quite welcoming. What more could you ask for in a valentine or in a rug?

LR Resources Senses, Shag, Shapes Collection in Pink
Enjoy finding your favorite valentine creative in red or pink on RugPal.

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