Monday, February 24, 2014

Using Pantone color Placid Blue in Home Decor

Images Courtesy of Architectural Digest and Chippy Home Decor
Decorating with the Pantone Placid Blue.

The cool Placid Blue in the Spring 2014 collection is a calming color choice that can easily blend into the background or blend a room together with bold compliments. Even the name given this color, seems to apply to its easygoing, peaceful demeanor. It can quietly sneak its way into your color palette with a delightful and playful shift in the decor style, no doubt.

Image Courtesy of I on Decoration Decor by Tobi Farley
Would you use Placid Blue as an accent color, a background color, or bridge to other color palettes? We think all of the above works just splendidly for a color that can do just about anything in any design style.

The blue checkers rug from the Loloi Piper collection simply combines a neutral while with the Placid Blue color. A contemporary design style, in all white, pairs perfectly with light blue decor. Weaving the colors together with relative ease enhances the calmness, lightness and natural brightness of any room.

Loloi Piper Collection in Blue Checkers
Blue and white offer such endless color neutral combinations. The popularity of a shade of Placid Blue for every part of the house from the grand living area to the kitchen to the nursery and even the patio. We love the open-endedness of this color, even in the mood it creates. There are no definitive boundaries or bold statements that turn a head. Just nice, calm and going with the flow. The Tayse Metro chevron rug in blue is a perfect example.

Tayse Metro Collection in Blue
The beauty of the color Placid Blue is that it plays very well with others. It can be combined with colors from all over the color spectrum and blends for a perfectly amusing contrast. This rug from the Foreign Accents Festival collection reminds us of a school of scurrying fish or, perhaps, a field of wildflowers blowing in the summer breeze.

Foreign Accents Festival Collection

The bright and bold colors are woven together with placid blue in this rug from the Homefires Seahorse Medallion collection. We love how the placid blue is used to provide detail against a darker blue and to enhance the scrollwork exhibited in orange tones. For a fun frolic in the sea, placid blue is a perfect companion.

If you find yourself dreaming in placid blue, peruse more rugs to fit your fancy.

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