Monday, August 19, 2013

Linden Green

Don't forget your greens!

Further exploring naturally appealing green tones, the fall 2013 Pantone fashion color trend report has selected linden green as a color of style. This green/yellow hued beauty is very versatile. It is perfectly happy being a backdrop to other bolder colors or it can take center stage and be the color pop in the room. It works well with most color palettes by either blending in or working together for bolder statements.

Enjoy exploring how you might integrate linden green into your living landscape.

The Rizzy Rugs Lattice Swing Collection is a hand woven dhurrie created from a New Zealand wool blend. This rug is a perfect example of linden green being the star attraction. From contemporary to traditional or staunch white to chocolate brown, this rug can fit in just about anywhere.

Lattice Swing Collection in Light Green

The Jaipur Heritage collection includes beautiful hand knotted rugs with art silk motifs. These rugs are then overdyed to create more of a vintage appearance. It is hard not to envision this rug among luxurious antiques, although it will be quite at home in your contemporary studio apartment. 

Jaipur Heritage Collection in Green
The versatility of a linden green rug is very evident in this living area. Chocolate brown contemporary furniture in a more architecturally traditional brick home with a natural landscape as the backdrop is host to this Jaipur rug and it seems perfectly at home.

Living Room Featuring the Green Jaipur Heritage Rug

Don't think that your kiddos can't be fashionable, too. This rug from the Surya Playground collection shows linden green as a calming, cozy color, perfect for all sleeping bunnies. Constructed from hand hooked polyester, the Surya pale green bunny rug is also durably plush.

Surya Playground Collection in Pale Green

The repetitive geometric pattern of this rug from the Momeni Baja collection is just one of its many redeeming qualities. Even if linden green had not made the 2013 fashionable hit list, we're pretty sure that this rug would always be in style. Being constructed from polypropylene means that this rug is very durable and stain resistant.

Momeni Baja Collection in Green

Linden green can camouflage itself in any color configuration and still stand out. The Loloi Olivia rug in green blue reveals that linden green works itself beautifully into a color scheme that features blue, greens and even pops of orange. Although it's neither the backdrop or the main feature, it's hard not to notice how perfectly Linden green fits into this rug. Imagine it fitting just as perfectly into your space.

Loloi Olivia Collection in Green-Blue

We see Linden Green in fine fashion...

...even when the fashion is in your dining room.

Linden green is so multifaceted, you may find it more challenging not to use it in your decor. Explore more Pantone masterpieces in emerald and lemon zest, both introduced as a part of the 2013 color selections.


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