Friday, August 16, 2013

Food Inspired Rugs

Tomato Slices and the Surya Mosaic Collection in Auburn and Burnt Sienna

Food is beautiful. It's naturally inspiring, colorful, intricately detailed and delectably perfect. It's no wonder that we see so many shapes, designs and color palettes that resemble delicious foods.

It wasn't until we dove into a bite of sushi that it dawned on us:  the beauty of food is everywhere, even in home decor. The lime colored rug from the Enzo collection is strikingly similar to perfectly formed sushi rolls.

Sushi Rolls and The Loloi Indoor/Outdoor Enzo Collection in Lime

Green is everywhere this season, even in the foods we eat. While you may not necessarily agree that kale is beautiful, it's hard to argue that the natural shape and green hues can provide the perfect artistic inspiration. This rug from the surya destinations collection seems inspired by that very unique leaf.

The contoured shape and design of this rug has unmistakable oyster-like qualities. Drawing on natural curves, an array of colors and the beauty of a unique pattern, the rug created by Loloi as a part of the Jubilee collection is a perfect contemporary piece. If you look closely, you might even see the beautiful pearl inside.

Oysters and the Loloi Jubilee Collection in Peacock

The color purple is royal and distinctive. Whenever it appears in nature, particularly in the edible form, it's hard not to notice. The fractal design of this purple cabbage seems to have directly inspired the unique design of this dark violet rug from the Jaipur Fables Collection.

Purple Cabbage and a Dark Violet rug from the Jaipur Fables Collection
The juicy, sweet orange, equally divided in segments and the perfect inspiration for geometric design. This rug created by the Surya for the Forum collection seems so juicy, we would like to tear off a segment and taste it's orange juiciness.

Orange Segments and Surya Forum Collection in Orange and Antique White

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  1. Wow looks like I found out my choice foods are on the rugs hmmmm. It seems so perfect and wonderful. Loloi Barcelona Shag Rugs is the best rugs collection I ever saw. Its is just so there that we can have our space glow with beauty and coziness.